How to write FB ad hooks that will grab ppl by their throats:

1. Ask A Question

This is a common hook that works wonders when done right.

But how do you find the RIGHT questions to ask?

Stalk your ideal customer in different FB groups,

And use their own questions revolving around struggles, pain points, and desires.

For example:

  • How do you finally get rid of [PAIN POINT]?
  • What makes [OFFER] so special?
  • Who else wants a [DESIRE]?

2. Use Social Proof

Let your prospects know that there are ppl just like them experiencing the same thing.

And show them how those ppl got rid of their problems, pain points, challenges, etc. through your offer.

Here’s a good structure when incorporating social proof in your ads:

  1. Where your prospects were before your offer
  2. How your offer changed their lives
  3. What happened since then

For example:

  • People can’t get enough of this [OFFER] that’s [BENEFIT].
  • Thousands are calling this [OFFER] a LIFE-SAVER for [PAIN].
  • “Short Customer Review”

3. Shock Them With A Surprising Fact/Statistic

Grab your prospect’s attention by sharing useful, thought-provoking statements.

It even works on most unaware prospects as it forces them to think, and further stokes their curiosity to click your ad.

For example:

  • Did You Know? [STATISTIC/FACT].
  • 1 out of 10 people….
  • 30% of people with [PAIN POINT] experience…

Then talk about how your offer helps them avoid being a part of that statistic/fact.

4. Be Controversial

Debunk your prospects closely held beliefs, their common misconceptions, and the myths that plague your market.

Once you’ve done that, present them with new information that explains and validates your hook.

For example:

  • [MYTH, MISCONCEPTION] is what people have been telling me for years!
  • [INSTITUTION, PROFESSION, ETC.] has been lying to you for decades!

5. Be Benefit-Driven

Be straightforward and tell prospects exactly what they’ll get after they try your offer.

For example:

  • This is the easiest way to [BENEFIT].
  • [BENEFIT] has never been easier
  • A life-saving [OFFER] for a fraction of the price!

I hope this helped!