UX/UI Design

Our Process

Masterpieces are always crafted with undying passion, a dash of craziness and a lot of discipline.

Freelance UX design


As a UX/UI designer, my first step is always about gaining understanding and knowledge. i dig deep to know everything possible about the product that will help me to visualize a better solution.


I began with understanding the company’s vision and project goals.


Product’s feasibility is mapped along with its competitors.


Understanding user’s needs and their behaviour always does the trick.

Freelance UX Design


I draw insights from the research data and craft a product roadmap that solves problems like no other existing products.

Problem Statement

I define the key performance indicators for the project.

Information Architecture

I organize the content to intuitively guide users in performing a desired action seamlessly.

User journey

I attain a design that makes an experience genuinely satisfying for users.


Its all about bringing emotions to logic, I map empathy and cognitive science to derive on a product that is not usable but appealing as well.


I simplify the story that specifically focuses on the content, functionalities and behaviours.

Visual Design

I give life to designs by adding visually appealing elements that evoke emotions.


I test the prototype by creating a usable mock up for feedback.

UX design

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